Welcome to turdofthemonth.com!
Offering the most scenic views of nature's dirty work.

Welcome to Turd of the Month!

Send anyone postcards featuring high-quality turd images. Whether they're your best friend, your worst enemy, or even yourself!

Every poop postcard includes a fun fact about the species that made the masterpiece!

When you order from the turdofthemonth.com, you know you'll be sending out high-quality, scenic photographs featuring scat in it's natural habitat.

You can also give or receive the gift of turd images wherever you "go" in the form of the Turd of the Month Bathroom Reader, a full-color paperback picture book featuring all your favorite feces.

Did I mention that there is also a Turd of the Month calendar??? This 12 month calendar allows everyone at the office to enjoy classic turd pictures for a month at a time...all year long!

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