I’ve always been jealous of wild animals…

The freedom they experience daily is so alluring. To break free of the tethers of society, to truly connect to one’s surroundings, to experience adventure with each step, is to live wild. Of course, life in the wild is far from easy. But that’s not really the point. Striving for simplicity is what this is all about.

Since it’s not really feasible to be a feral human (I have a family whom I love and who loves and depends on me). So, to scratch the itch, I choose regular doses of adventure. Hiking, camping, and watching wildlife are all activities that bring nature close. Doing these monthly helps to ease the blow of going back to work each week, doing another load of laundry, or attending that social function that feels more like an obligation.

Aside from adventure, humor has served as a great cure for the pressures of modern life. As a college professor, I love to incorporate humor in my classroom. As a husband, I love to use humor to ease tension or perpetuate good times. As a friend, I love to use humor to overshadow sadness with cheer or bond more deeply.

Recently, I decided to combine adventure with humor in this new thing called turdofthemonth.com. Taking beautiful pictures of nature with animal poop in the foreground has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. Now, whenever I’m out on my monthly adventures, I make sure to bring a camera along for the ride so I’m ready to take advantage of photo ops.

Stay tuned for updates from my adventures and check out the shop to see how you can share the gift of humor, prank a friend, or enjoy a new perspective on nature with a postcard, calendar, or book.